Pin Drop 
Wish you were here

Create immersive experiences for customers, clients, employees, guests and audiences anywhere

Pin Drop Experiences enables you to layer highly customised and engaging mechanics over real world locations. Create scavenger hunts, races, race series, road trips and much more. 


Location sharing

Share and track participant locations for admin purposes and shaping experiences as they happen.


Add waypoints and checkpoints with actions, challenges or check-ins to add structure and progress to your events.

Dot watching

Add dot watching to race experiences that you want to broadcast to a wider audience as they happen.

Real time

Send notifications in real time to shape participant behaviour, make detours or reveal special events and content.


Embed or hide audio and video content against pins or add trigger logic to specific areas or locations along a route.


Gamify your experiences with logic to shape user behaviour with endless variations and applications.

Gamify Maps & Locations

Create engaging events for participants and fans

With Experiences people can enjoy following activity from the comfort of their armchair. Embed maps with real-time dot watching functionality, perfect for races, bike races, running events and any sort of event taking place outside a single location.

Handsets showing the Pin Drop app