Geographic collaboration for businesses and elite teams

Pin Drop Teams is a comprehensive software platform designed to streamline operations for businesses, offering solutions for sales and merchandising teams. Collect data, assign tasks and GPS tracking streamline location-based collaboration across teams and entire companies.

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GPS Tracking

GPS tracking features, enabling businesses to monitor the real-time location of their field teams. This functionality allows for improved routing, enhanced safety and better resource allocation. (coming soon)

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Team Collaboration

Pin Drop is not only a solution for individual field operations but also an effective platform for team collaboration. With its shared data, privacy and reporting features, field teams can collaborate in real-time, share insights, and coordinate efforts efficiently.

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Lightweight CRM

Customise the data you collect to manage customer relationships, track client preferences, and facilitate communication with your clientele.

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Manage People

Pin Drop Pro empowers efficient workforce management and platform access control. Assign tasks, set roles, and monitor activities for optimized field operations and enhanced security.

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Data Collection

The platform empowers field teams to efficiently gather and manage essential information, such as customer feedback, sales data, and inventory updates, in real time.

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Inventory Management

Simplify inventory management for your business with our user-friendly platform. Keep a close eye on product stock levels and easily track inventory movements in the field to prevent stockouts, reduce overstocking, and improve overall supply chain efficiency. (coming soon)

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Task creation and assignment streamline and streamline operations. Organise client visits, set priorities, and collaborate, while managers assign responsibilities, fostering accountability.

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Multi-Stop Routing

Generate unlimited stop routes between your pins. Perfect for sharing delivery routes or site visits. Spend more time with customers and boost efficiency across teams.

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Field Questionnaires

Create questionnaires to gather more field data. Trigger questions for specific locations, by date and time or simply send ad-hoc. (coming soon)

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Enhanced Pin Data

Enhance your pin data collection with more inputs including: address, phone, website, journal notes, check-ins and star ratings.

Sales funnel graphic

Track Sales Funnels

Similar to tags but tied to sales funnel milestones. Use these to measure customer success and help to streamline your sales efforts. (coming soon)

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Easily record site visits by checking in to pins. Add notes, photos and a written history the entire team can reference. Add accountability and trust.

Org activity graphic

Org Activity

Follow all of the activity from everyone across the entire organisation.

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Org Analytics

Track usage across the org to include sales, content created and engagement. (coming soon)

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Org Access

Allow and restrict access to the Pin Drop platform from your mobile or desktop.

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