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Starting at
Ideal for individuals, explorers and trip planners
  • Desktop access
  • Multiple devices
  • Save routes
  • Add more stops to routes
  • Create and manage groups
  • Auto backup data
  • Sync data across devices
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Starting at
Supercharge and collaborate across teams and companies
  • Everything on Lite and Plus
  • Org access controls
  • Unlimited route stops
  • Unlimited private groups
  • Create and assing tasks
  • Enhances import / exporting
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Realtime location sharing


What we promise we do (and don't do).
Subscription plans can be purchased; monthly, annually or get a lifetime Lite access.

We do:

We don't:

World-class mapping products
Sell your information
Help you discover the world around you
Show you ads
Easily organise and collaborate together
Sell the content you create
Full privacy with end-to-end encryption
Spam you