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Optimising Field Operations with Powerful Software Solutions

Pin Drop Pro is a comprehensive software platform designed to streamline field-based operations for businesses, offering solutions for sales and merchandising teams. Collect data, assign tasks and GPS tracking streamline location-based collaboration across businesses.

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GPS Tracking

GPS tracking features, enabling businesses to monitor the real-time location of their field teams. This functionality allows for improved route optimization, enhanced safety and better resource allocation.

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Team Collaboration

Pin Drop is not only a solution for individual field operations but also an effective platform for team collaboration. With its shared data and reporting features, field teams can collaborate in real-time, share insights, and coordinate efforts more efficiently.

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Lightweight CRM

Customise the data you collect to manage customer relationships, track client preferences, and facilitate communication with your clientele.

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Manage People

Pin Drop Pro empowers efficient workforce management and platform access control. Assign tasks, set roles, and monitor activities for optimized field operations and enhanced security.

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Data Collection

The platform empowers field teams to efficiently gather and manage essential information, such as customer feedback, sales data, and inventory updates, in real time.

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Inventory Management

Simplify inventory management for your business with our user-friendly platform. Keep a close eye on product stock levels and easily track inventory movements in the field to prevent stockouts, reduce overstocking, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.

What our users say

Companies and teams use Pin Drop all over the world. Discover how you could super-charge the way you work with Pin Drop Pro.

Lawn Care

"Work with a crew of 6 guys and have many large remote locations that do not have an official address. Mapped out 90 different locations making it easy for new staff to navigate through any navigation app on their phone to get to desired location efficiently."


🇺🇸 USA


"I travel quite a bit for my photography, and spend time researching locations before I even leave the house. I like I can add photos and notes to my pins, but also organize them with tags... The last app I used didn’t allow this feature and was forced to create separate maps for pins."


🇺🇸 USA


"When planning daily routes for multi drop delivery then this app ticks all the boxes."


🇬🇧 UK

Screenshot of the Pin Drop app for importing to a map

Replace your CMS with a living, breathing map

Track sales, leads, prospects, customers and more by transforming Pin Drop into the perfect lightweight CRM. Make notes on customers, orders and deliveries for teams to access when they need it most. Completely private, secure and encrypted within your organisation.


Create, assign and track task progress

Integrate with existing providers or use Pin Drop to attach tasks to pin locations. Assign to individuals and track progress as they happen through the app or website.

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Pin Drop Experiences dot watching screenshot

Visualise teams and assets in real time on a map

Supercharge the way you get things done and use locations in your day to day work. Visualise locations of tasks, places, people, jobs and assets in real time. Redirect routes to be more efficient, apply location based actions and much more to help efficiently get work done.


Manage user access and take action on the go

Quickly and easily manage who within the company can access data on Pin Drop. Editors have the ability to create and edit. Viewers are able to interact with tasks and view specific content. Add people manually, revoke access quickly and integrate with your existing third-party people management provider.

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