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Revolutionise Travel Photograph
"I travel quite a bit for my photography, and spend time researching locations before I even leave the house. I like I can add photos and notes to my pins, but also organize them with tags..."
Alanna, USA
Constant Updates, Endless Possibilities
"There’s a lot of activity and updates with new features and extra quality being added all the time... I personally use it to track all of the places I’ve ever been on different trips, or my own city..."
David, Canada
Pin Drop Keeps Getting Better
"Have been using Pin Drop for some time now and it has just got better and better. The simplicity of use combined with exceptional functionality make this an absolute must have App..."
Simon, UK
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Never forget a place with Pin Drop

Never forget a place again

Isn’t it frustrating when you forget about an amazing new restaurant or beautiful hotel a friend has recommended or you’ve read about?

Pin Drop takes the hassle out of remembering by helping you to record and organise locations.

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Map adventures together

Are you planning your next vacation or want to remember one you’ve had?

Map them for yourself or along with your fellow travellers. You can all add and edit places in a shared list, ready to travel with you in your pocket.

Start adventure planning
Collaborate together on Pin Drop
Organise multi-stop routes on Pin Drop

Optimise your routes and road trips

Create routes for multi-stop delivery schedules, map out all your customers or site visits to be as fast and efficient as possible.

Don’t have long on that city break and want to make sure you tick everything off? Plot your route with Pin Drop to ensure you have time.

Create multi-stop routes

Map prospects, customers & jobs

Need to have a shared ‘source of truth’ to share amongst your sales team?

Map prospects, sales funnels, existing customers and active jobs all on one map for the entire team to access and add to on the go.

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Notes and milestones on Pin Drop
Sync data between devices on Pin Drop

Sync and access your content anywhere

Automatically sync and access your data on the website, iPhone and Android apps. We also have a browser plugin to easily save locations from across the web.

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You Had Me At Almalfi
Get smart travel suggestions
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Positano, Italy
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Bring your location data with you

Do you have location data elsewhere? Import a CSV, Excel file or bring your data from Google Maps and really make it your own.

Create pins from photos with EXIF data, perfect for adding places after the fact.

Share locations directly from Google Maps, Apple Maps, What3words and more.

Import your places
Import data to Pin Drop
Supercharge locations with custom data on Pin Drop

Supercharge and customise your location data

At the heart of your Pin Drop, create rich, powerful pins to help track jobs, tasks, customers, prospects or simply to remember a hidden gem or plan a vacation.

Explore Pin Drop Pro

Find what you want, when you want it

Enjoy advanced search capabilities to find place names, addresses, lat/long coordinates and even what3word locations.

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Powerful search on Pin Drop
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