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📱 v5.0.57 (22 Mar 2024)
📱 v5.0.57 (22 Mar 2024)

📱 v5.0.57 (22 Mar 2024)

Spring has sprung and so has a new app update... Listen up, fellow digital hoarders! Spring cleaning isn't just for dusty basements anymore. Pin Drop just went full Marie Kondo on the app, sparking joy (and not panic) with this update.

What's hot in this drop?

  • 😶 UI Facelift: We ditched the cobwebs and made the app easier to navigate than a bee finding a perfect rose.
  • 🔎 Search Like a Bloodhound: Unleash your inner detective! Search pins by location and details and sniff out the perfect spot for your next adventure.
  • 👋 Pro Mention Party: Pin Drop Pro users can now @mention people, tasks and pins in descriptions, tasks, and more! Teamwork just got a whole lot easier.
  • 💿 Backup Bliss (No More Panic Attacks): Automatic backups and syncing? Consider it your digital security blanket. Sleep soundly, data hoarders!
  • 💨 Zippy Speed: We kicked those pesky app glitches to the curb faster than a bunny avoiding a lawnmower.
  • ⚡️ re:Quests on Hyperdrive: Finding inspirational places just hit light speed. Get ready to explore the world and unlock the best of the best, like a boss!

P.S. We may have gotten distracted by baby bunnies while coding (so cute!), so there might be a few other hidden gems in this update. Find a bug? Have a feature idea that's the bees-knees? Drop us an email at We're all ears (and paws, and maybe a twitchy nose for those bunnies).

Did you know... The Easter Bunny's origins aren't actually Christian, but pagan!  Easter celebrations stem from an older springtime festival honoring a goddess named Eostre (or Ostara). Eostre's symbol was the hare, a creature known for fertility due to its rapid reproduction.  Over time, the hare became associated with the Christian Easter celebrations, and eventually morphed into the Easter Bunny we know today  who delivers eggs, another symbol of fertility and new life.  So next Easter, you can appreciate the hidden pagan roots in this modern-day tradition!

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