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re:Quest for travel inspiration in your pocket

Ever found yourself struggling for ideas on where to go? Or travelling in a part of the world you don’t know very well?

Ask re:Quest questions and get suggestions for great places nearby or in specific locations to quickly build up your pin collections.

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Road trips, races and ramblings

Looking to map that perfect coastal drive or an amazing off-the-grid hike? Drop pins and route between multiple points to share with others to enjoy after the fact or at the same time.

Create routes
Organise multi-stop routes on Pin Drop

Collaborate with Lists

Plan perfect vacations

Want to plot your next adventure or map a past one? From epic getaways to work retreats, effortlessly organise and share places using lists.

Map your daily schedules

Have customer calls to make or site visits to map? Structure your teams routines with lists and have your important locations to hand.

Shared source of truth

Need to work from a centralised location dataset? Sync your data between devices to ensure data correctness.

Collaborate with others

Planning a wedding or bachelor party? Need to plan with your travel buddies? Use lists to collectively share, make decisions and have fun travel planning.

Share and follow lists

Are you a travel-Influencer? Share your lists to ignite wanderlust across your social channels and inspire others with your curated adventures.

Ready for adventure

You can always earn more money but you can never earn more time. Get listing your favourite coffee spots, foodie hangouts... Let’s explore!


Attach meaningful memories to places

Not only do you want to remember a place but you want to remember all of the things that happen there. Perfect for anything from holiday journals through to recording a customer site visit.

As well as attaching notes to pins you can also record visits with checkins and even log the amount of time at the location.

Add notes to places

See activity as it happens in the feed

Want to see when friends and colleagues have dropped a pin, created a new tag or added content to a list? You’ll never miss anything thanks to the activity feed.

Unlock activity feed
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Bring your important places with you

Have you got lots of data in places already? Thousands of pins on Google My Maps? Tons of travel plans hidden in spreadsheets? Import your data to effortlessly personalise and collaborate with others.
Import your data

Share your favourite places with friends

Do you have an incredible taste in coffee shops or bars or know ALL the best places to eat a city? Share your profile with friends so they can discover your recommendations.

As well as attaching notes to pins you can also record visits with checkins and even log the amount of time at the location.

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Find any place using multiple methods

As well as the basic ability to search any of your content on Pin Drop you can also find new places using GPS or lat/long coordinates, what3word locations and more.

Find hidden gems
Powerful search on Pin Drop


Things people regularly ask us about the Pin Drop platform:

Is Pin Drop free to use?

Yes, yes it is. Pin Drop is free to download and use. If you want to use some of the more advanced features then you would need to take out a paid subscription.

How many pins can I drop?

As many as you can manage! There's no limits to the number of pins or tags you can create.

Is Pin Drop private?

Pin Drop is private and encrypted. The content you create is yours and can be yours alone. The privacy model is pretty straight forward, you can either create content that's private (just for you), or public (for anyone else). When you create or add content to a non-private group it will then be visible to anyone with a Pin Drop account. People can follow your profile and see any public content you create too.

Can I share pins?

Of course, you can share any content including: pins, tags lists and obviously your profile. Options for sharing vary but you'll be able to share using all the usual methods.

Do you offer a white label verson of Pin Drop?

We never white label Pin Drop but can create highly customised experiences and features to supercharge the way you want to map the world. If you have highly sensitive information and data you want to make sure stays within the confines of your organisation, contact us to discuss how we can tailor a paid plan for you.

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