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Pin Drop, your trusted platform for location management. Organise your adventures and day-to-day life seamlessly with the Pin Drop app, browser extension and website. Map for yourself or collaborate with friends, family or colleagues. It's totally up to you.

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Personalise Your Pins

Effortlessly mark and save your favourite spots or important destinations with just a tap. Add name, description, droplets, media and more.

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Organise with Tags

Organise your pins and style your map using tags. Personalise each tag with a colour and icon to making it quicker and easier to find what you need.

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Collaborate in Groups

Create groups with family, friends and colleagues to make trip planning and collective organisation around maps and places a breeze.

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Personalise and share


Proudly curate and share your finest pins and places. Bring your pins and tags together into one place to selectively share with others.

Curate and theme your pins into a shareable guide

Perfect if you're an airbnb host or hotel

Always asked to give city recommendations? Guides are for you!

Be inspired with re:Quest

Ai-Powered Location Discovery

Meet re:Quest, Pin Drop's innovative AI location discovery feature. Let re:Quest be your virtual guide, suggesting hidden gems, popular attractions, and local favourites based on your preferences. Say goodbye to missing out and unlock a world of exciting places with re:Quest.

re:Quest visual for Ai travel inspiration


Things people regularly ask us about the Pin Drop platform:

Is Pin Drop free to use?

Yes, yes it is. Pin Drop is free to download and use. If you want to use some of the more advanced features or website then you would need to take out a subscription.

How many pins can I drop?

As many as you can manage! There's no limits to the number of pins or tags you can create.

Is Pin Drop private?

Pin Drop is private and encrypted. The content you create is yours and can be yours alone. The privacy model is pretty straight forward, you can either create content that's private (just for you), or public (for anyone else). When you create or add content to a non-private group it will then be visible to anyone with a Pin Drop account. People can follow your profile and see any public content you create too.

Can I share pins?

Of course, you can share any content including: pins, tags, groups and guides. Options for sharing vary but you'll be able to share using all the usual methods.

Do you offer a white label verson of Pin Drop?

So this clearly isn't for everyone, more for larger teams or companies looking to use Pin Drop. If you have highly sensitive information and data you want to make sure stays within the confines of your organisation, this is for you. We never white label Pin Drop but can create highly customised experiences and features to supercharge the way you want to use the platform.

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