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📱 v5.0.59 (20 Apr 2024)
📱 v5.0.59 (20 Apr 2024)

📱 v5.0.59 (20 Apr 2024)

April weather (in the UK at least) appears to take on a life of it's own. Raining one minute, hot and sunny the next. Luckily May is just around the corner so here's a little app update to help get you through the month and through to sunnier climbs!

Web updates:

There's too many website updates to list here! Anyone with an account can now login to the site so why not give it a spin!

App updates:

  • 🪲 Big fixes: A bunch of little bugs have been fixed.
  • 💄 Profiles: They're back!
  • 📝 Activity cards on pins: This is the first release of this Pro only feature

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