Digital Scrapbook
Remember the old using the new.

I've been trawling through what feels like boxes and boxes of things I felt needed to be kept. Retrospectively I have NO idea why I kept most of these things but it's amazing how the smallest of things, even a receipt, can trigger a memory.

So rather than throw things away that are taking up much needed space and forgetting about it forever, I've started to digitise all of these memories into Pin Drops!

I've been working through old leaflets, scrapbooks, postcards and mapping them along with photos of the original item. I can put in actual dates (changing the pin drop date to match) and then add any other notes or memories.

Not only has this been a trip down memory lane, it's freed up SO much space! Now I can look at all my old memories from the comfort of the app and share it with the rest of the friends / family that were on those original trips for them to enjoy too.

Last modified
October 5, 2023
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