How to Drop a Pin on Your iPhone Using Pin Drop Maps

Pin Drop makes it easier than ever to find and share an exact location with anyone you want. Here's a few ways to drop a pin:

  1. On the map view hold your finger down
  2. Tap the '+' create button in the main menu and select 'Drop a pin'
  3. Search for a location and tap the plus next to the search result
  4. Take a photo ( and upload the photo
  5. Drop multiple pins by uploading multiple pins with location data

How to drop a pin and save or share a location

You can do similar drop pin actions in Apple Maps or Google Maps. Pin Drop is (obviously) better though.

To drop a pin on Pin Drop, just hold down your finger anywhere on the map view (on the main pins tab). Pretty much instantly a dark pin drop will display and the UI will change to start the drop pin flow. You can drag the map around and where the information is available see the address or what3words location.

Once you've moved the pin to the desired location, tap drop pin and then either use the lite experience to add minimal information or tap 'add more info' to go and add more info.

Add information to a pin

On the full edit flow you can add:

  • Pin name
  • Pin photos or videos
  • Tags to help you group and organise your places
  • Description to keep notes or add a story to a location
  • Attach a contact (Pro)
  • Phone, email, address (Pro)
  • Map location (so you can move the pin on the map)
  • Add task (Pro)
  • Add to a list
  • Date dropped
  • Notify when nearby
  • How to enable location sharing in Photos (iOS)

    This is how to enable location sharing on the iPhone Photos app. This means that the phone stores location data against your photos which you can then (later on) drop pins from in Pin Drop.

    How to enable location sharing in Google Photos (Android)

    1. On your Android phone or tablet, open Google Photos
    2. Tap Sharing
    3. Tap the shared album
    4. At the top right, tap More Options
    5. Turn on Share photo location
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