How to Drop Pins With Your Camera
In a hurry? Don't worry...

Ever been in a real hurry when you're out and about to do a proper Pin Drop? Well not to worry, here are some cheats to drop pins quickly or drop pins retrospectively.

Drop pins from photos

This is the quickest and most convenient way to drop pins after the fact. If you're in a hurry and on the move, quickly snap a photo and upload it to Pin Drop later.

Enable location services

Example for iPhones: Go to iOS - Settings > Location Services > Camera and make sure 'While Using the App' is enabled. Also have 'Precise Location' turned on.

Upload you photo(s)

Open the Pin Drop app and tap the plus '+' icon in the main navigation. This will give you all your usual create options. Select 'Drop pin from photo' (to drop one pin) or 'Drop multiple pins from photos' (to drop many pins).

Assuming your phone recorded a location you can just go ahead and add the usual information to your pins etc.

Drop pins with Live Text (iOS)

This is a great way to drop pins from signs, magazines, newspapers - anywhere really.

If you use your camera, point it at an address or location name, select the text using Live Text (find out more about live text here) and from the menu it gives you, tap share and then select Pin Drop.

Last modified
October 5, 2023
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