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📱 v5.0.43 (1 Jun 2023)
📱 v5.0.43 (1 Jun 2023)

📱 v5.0.43 (1 Jun 2023)

This is a small interim release to address some bugs and small fixes.


  • 💨 Faster responses from re:Quest
  • 🚏 Multi-stop routing just got MUCH easier to use


  • 🗑 When I delete a pin I get a sh*tstorm error
  • 📨 Problems sharing and joining groups
  • 🪲 Some other little annoying bugs have been squashed

Did you know... The first package holiday is generally credited to Thomas Cook, who organised a trip for a group of 500 people from Leicester, England to Loughborough in 1841. The trip cost one shilling per person and included train transportation and a meal. This marked the beginning of organised travel for leisure purposes, and Thomas Cook went on to become a pioneer in the travel industry.

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