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📱 v5.0.51 (26 Sep 2023)
📱 v5.0.51 (26 Sep 2023)

📱 v5.0.51 (26 Sep 2023)

Various bug fixes including:

  • 🪲 Unable to delete photos from pin cards
  • 🪲 Light to dark mode getting in a muddle
  • 🪲 Google Takeout import not working on iOS

Did you know... That the oldest known map to depict America is the 1507 map created by the German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller? This map, known as the "Waldseemüller map," is significant because it was one of the first to label the newly discovered landmass in the Western Hemisphere as "America," in honor of the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. This early map played a crucial role in popularizing the name "America" for the continents of the New World.

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