How do I drop a pin?

Last updated
January 7, 2024

We've made it incredibly easy to drop a pin in a number of ways. Quickly drop a pin with the quick drop flow or tap to add more details if you want to get more information or access more features.

Long press on map

One of the easiest and quickest ways is to long hold and press your finger on the map view anywhere and it will trigger the quick drop pin flow.


When you search for somewhere you can drop a pin directly from the search result. On the far right hand side of the search result you'll see a plus icon. Tap that and it will start the drop pin flow.

If you tap the name on the search result row it will open up the location on the map. Tap the black puck showing the location and you'll see it gives you and option to 'Drop pin'. Tap that and you'll be in the familiar drop pin details screen.

Scan addresses

Did you know you can drop a pin using your camera through search? Well now you do! On iOS open search, tap the search input bar and you should see a little dropdown appear saying 'Scan Address'.

Tap this and half the screen will be the camera view. Align the camera with the address you want (on a sign, menu, newspaper article etc) and it will take you through the pin drop flow.

Create from the tab bar

From the tab bar you can see the (plus icon) create tab which gives you access to lots of different content creation tools. For pins you have: Drop pin, Drop pin from photo, Drop multiple pins from photos.

Create: Drop pin

This is much the same as long pressing on the map. It will open up the map view and you'll be able to go through and add the information you want.

Create: Drop pin from photo

This is super useful if you want to drop pins retrospectively. If you have photos from before you used Pin Drop or want to just quickly take photos now and create pins later, then you can! Just make sure you have location sharing on with the photos app on your device otherwise it won't be able to find a location for it.

Create: Drop pins from multiple photos

Much the same as a single photo, you can just select multiple photos and it will create pins for them all. Very quick and convenient!