Why does Pin Drop need to know my location?

Last updated
September 29, 2023

To put it simply, Pin Drop just doesn't work if you don't have location services enabled on the app. Without this, the app will just assume your location is in the ocean off the coast of Nigeria.

Sharing your location with the app means we can help you to accurately drop pins at the correct location. It also means we can order your pin lists correctly. By default these lists show you the closest pin in your collection based on your current location.

Location accuracy: So this is something that's a little bit out of our control. You'll notice that sometimes (and this will happen in most mapping apps) the app can take a little time to hone in on your location. This can be down to your device, cell connection, building cover and much more. If you find when you open the app it's not massively accurate, give it a few seconds and it should correct itself.

Battery life: The way we use location services to measure where you are should not affect the battery life of your phone. If you find it's draining your battery faster than usual, please do let us know.

Privacy concerns: Your location data is never shared or sold. The location data you provide the app is used purely to make the Pin Drop experience as optimal as possible for you.