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Multi-Stop Routing

Multi-Stop Routing

Creating a route

To create a route all you need to do is open up a tag and tap the route icon in the bottom floating menu. Doing this will trigger the route creation flow.

  • Tap the route icon in the floating menu on a tag
  • Select the pins you would like to route to (checkboxes on the right hand side)
  • Choose the sort of route you'd like: drive, walk, cycle, scooter or truck
  • Toggle GPS location as start (on by default). If you turn it off it will go to the first selected pin as the starting point
  • When you're ready tap 'map route'

Mapped route

When you tap 'map route' it will allow you to change your method of transport. Changing this obviously changes the route itself and the timing and distances.

  • Drag pins up and down to reorder the list and change the route
  • Give your route a name by tapping on the title 'My new route' just below the map
  • When you're ready tap 'save route'

Saved route

When you tap 'save route' it will give you a little dialog telling you that the route has been saved and ask you if you want to start the route now or later.

You can find all of your saved routes in the more tab. It will be sitting within the app grid.

  • Tap OK will revert back to the original tag view
  • Tapping Start Route will... start the route!

Active routes

You'll see when you have an active route that it adds a little card at the bottom of most of the screens within the app. Tap this and it will give you more details of each of the steps for the route. To minimise the route step view simply tap the route details header.

  • Each stop will give you information about the location including: map, pin name, tags and distance
  • You will see two actions on each stop: Directions and Done
  • Marking a stop as done will add a timestamp to the stop and move you on to the next stop along the route. You can also manually swipe back and forth between them
  • Tapping 'End route' will obviously end the route and remove the routing UI. You can re-start a route from the app grid in the more tab