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Tags are the perfect way to organise your pins and places. Add multiple tags to your pins to help organise and change the way they look on the map.

The 'uncategorised' tag cannot be customised or deleted. This is the system tag that's applied when you haven't added a tag to a pin. To get rid of the uncategorised tag, make sure you add tags to all of your pin drops.

Creating tags

When you create a tag the only thing you HAVE to do is give it a name, everything else is optional:

  • Name
  • Custom icon
  • Custom colour (colour wheel or input a HEX colour value)

Customising tags

Change the ways your pins look on the map by customising your tags.

Icon: When you type in the name of your tag you'll see a new row appears with some suggest icons that match the name you've typed. To see more icons, tap the arrows on the right hand side of the row. Here you can browse or search for specific icons to use. These icons are then applied to your pin when you view it on the map.

Colour: Set the colour of the tag using the colour wheel or (if you know and feel inclined), put in a custom hex value.

Deleting tags

To delete a tag, edit the tag (tap the edit icon in the floating menu on the tag screen) and tap the red 'delete tag' at the bottom of the screen.

When you delete a tag you can also delete all of the pins in the tag at the same time (ideal if you have a rogue import somewhere).