Pin Drop is Ch-ch-changing
Revamped pricing and an array of exciting new features.

As the leaves cling to the trees, signaling the changing seasons, so too is Pin Drop undergoing a transformation. We've been hard at work, implementing significant changes to enhance the platform's functionality. Over the coming weeks, you'll witness these improvements taking shape, and we're excited to share what's in store...


Lite and Plus subscriptions are ending, the website is going to be free for anyone to use and Pin Drop Pro is launching.

Pricing changes

If you're on Lite or Plus subscriptions we'll be emailing you shortly about what to expect (it's good, promise!). If you're on the Pro waiting list you're at the front of the queue so look out for an email with more info in the next few days.

Other changes

  • ✅ Website access is being unlocked so anyone can now enjoy Pin Drop on the web without paying for access. Pro members can enjoy an enhanced web experience.
  • 🚫 Private groups will revert to the default public setting. If there are groups with sensitive information, we recommend deleting them or upgrading to Pro.
  • 🚫 Multi-stop routing will now only be available on Pro plans. Any saved routes will no longer be accessible unless you’re using Pro.

What's new with Pro?

  • 🚀 NEW Create your own private organisation
  • 🧠 NEW All content is shared within the organisation
  • 🗝️ NEW Secure your content with organisation only access
  • 🗺️ NEW Edit and create any content with full collaboration
  • 👯 NEW Unlimited private groups
  • 🗂️ NEW Manage access with dynamic people management
  • ✅ NEW Create and assign tasks
  • 👀 and much much more... More about Pro

What will Pro cost?

Pin Drop Pro comes with a 21 day free trial. After your trial period it will cost £20/seat/month.

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May 6, 2024
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