PRO: Account Switching

Last updated
January 16, 2024

Account switching is available for people on the Pro subscription plan. To switch between accounts you need to head to the more tab on the app and scroll down to the account switch option.

Personal account

Use your personal account for creating content you want for yourself.

Pro account

When you create content in your Pro account it means anyone else in the organisation can add to or edit your content. It's a truly, fully collaborative experience. If you're not too sure which profile you're in, you'll notice the more tab icon changes to 'Pro' when you're in your Pro work account.

Switching data

When you switch accounts there will be a slight delay while it updates the data for your account. If there's been lots going on in the org you may find it takes a few seconds to update. One way to solve the issue of data not updating is to close and re-open the app. Still having problems? Contact us.