Pin Drop for Work

Last updated
November 26, 2023

Pin Drop is a powerful app that can help streamline organisations by utilising the power of maps to get work done.

Here are a few reasons why Pin Drop is great for work:

  1. Location tracking: Pin Drop allows users to easily map the location of colleagues, assets, and clients / prospective clients. This can be especially useful for businesses that have a mobile workforce or need to keep track of multiple locations.
  2. Collaboration: The app allows for easy collaboration among team members, making it simple for organisations to share information and communicate effectively.
  3. Customisation: The app allows for custom pins, tags, colours and icons, making it easy to create a map that is tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.
  4. Real-time updates: Pin Drop provides real-time syncing across devices, so teams and organisations can always share data on the go.
  5. Easy integration: You can easily integrate Pin Drop with your other tools, such as calendars and project management software, making it a seamless addition to any workflow.

Pin Drop is an incredibly valuable and powerful tool to add to any product suite. Streamline  organisational  workflows and improve communication and collaboration amongst team members. Our location tracking, customisation, real-time updates, and easy integration capabilities make it a great choice for businesses of all types and sizes.

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Industries using Pin Drop for work

Boost Efficiency at Work with Pin Drop: Streamline sales, plan routes, track inventory, and manage projects seamlessly. Elevate your productivity and organization in the workplace.

  • 🦺 Construction
  • 🚜 Farming
  • 🏨 Hospitality
  • 🛢️ Oil and gas
  • 🏡 Real estate
  • 💸 Field sales
  • 🏛️ Services and utilities