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Browser Extension

Browser Extension

Ever got frustrated when you stumble across a place or address and then not sure what you can do with it next?

With the Pin Drop browser extensions, worry no longer! If the extension detects a perfect address match it will suggest to drop a pin. If there are multiple addresses or strange formatting simply right click on the address and select to drop a pin.


If you're on a Mac you can download it from the App Store as a Mac App. All it will do is appear as an extension in the browser, it's not a standalone Mac version of the mobile app.

Using the extension

Now you've downloaded it there are a few ways you can use the extension. In order to start, you will have to follow the instructions to login and link it to your Pin Drop account. If you skip this step it obviously doesn't know where to save your pins.

Detecting an address

The Pin Drop icon will change when it detects an address on the page.

Icon on the right shows when an address has been detected

Save places from Google Maps

When you visit a location on Google Maps you'll notice the Pin Drop extension icon will change. This means it's detected an address on the page. Tapping this will give you a little window asking if you'd like to save it to your pins.

Screenshot of the extension saving a place in Google Maps on Chrome

Save any address

We are slowly training our app to recognise more and more addresses. If it doesn't detect an address on the page, you can simply select any address on the page and right click. You'll see a dropdown menu which gives you the option to "Pin Drop this address". If it can find the address it will start the Pin Drop flow. It it can't it will let you know. Any issues with this, be sure to let us know.

Right click to Pin Drop an address in the browser