Urban Planning
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Urban Planning

Urban planning is all about creating liveable and sustainable cities. Pin Drop is a valuable tool for urban planners as it allows them to easily mark, share, and search for locations that are important to the planning process.

One of the great features of Pin Drop is the ability to mark and share locations. This is perfect for urban planners as they can easily mark potential sites for development, add notes and photos, and even share the location with colleagues and stakeholders. This feature makes it easy to keep track of potential sites and to share them with others.

Pin Drop has been a game changer for my urban planning projects. The ability to easily mark, share and search for locations, and the community feature have saved me countless hours of time and made my job much more efficient. I highly recommend it for anyone in the field of urban planning
— User in Seattle, WA (US)

Another useful feature of Pin Drop is the ability to search for locations based on specific criteria. This is especially helpful for urban planners looking for sites that meet specific zoning requirements or are located in certain areas. You can easily filter the search results by location, zoning, land use, and more. This allows urban planners to find the perfect site for their needs and to make the most out of their planning process.

Pin Drop also has a group feature which allows users to connect with other urban planners and share information about locations. This can be a great way to find new and interesting sites, and to learn about different areas of the city.

In addition, Pin Drop Pro allows to create and share custom map overlays, this can be useful for urban planners to show for example the potential effects of a new development, or show the boundaries of a certain area or district.

Pin Drop makes it easy to find new and interesting sites and help map liveable and sustainable cities.