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Pins are at the heart of everything you do on Pin Drop. Record memories, take notes about a job prospect, client or work site, remember that amazing restaurant you heard about or simply that park bench where you had your first kiss.

Pins can record ANYTHING, it just needs to be a place on planet earth!

How to drop a pin

  • Through the create menu in the tab bar:
  • Drop pin (map view)
  • Upload a photo with EXIF location data
  • Upload multiple photos with EXIF data
  • Long press on the map view
  • Search for a location and tap the plus icon
  • re:Quest and save pin
  • Scan an address from the search bar
  • Editing pins

    To edit a pin either:

    • Tap the pencil icon on the main pin card
    • Swipe on the pin list and tap the pencil icon

    Deleting pins

    To delete a pin either:

    • Tap on the edit icon on the pin card and scroll to the bottom of the first screen (under the map) and tap 'delete pin'.
    • On the main pin list view you can swipe to the left on a pin row and you'll see some options, one of which is a trash can (in red), to delete the pin.

    Sharing pins

    To share a pin either:

    • You can share a pin from a pin detail card.
    • You can also swipe on a pin row on the main pin list view to reveal a number of options, one of which is the share icon for you to step into the share flow.

    Read more about sharing

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