Getting Started

Last updated
January 9, 2024

Dropping your first pin

We've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to map the world around you. If for whatever reason it doesn't make sense or could work better, please let us know.

  • Pins: Mark a specific location (e.g. "Starbucks" or "Perfect Beach")
  • Tags: Use these to group your pins together (e.g. "Coffee" or "Beaches")

Read more about pins here.

  1. On the map view hold your finger down
  2. Tap the '+' create button in the main menu and select 'Drop a pin'
  3. Search for a location and tap the plus next to the search result
  4. Take a photo (with location sharing on) and upload the photo
  5. Drop multiple pins by uploading multiple pins with location data

Quick drop pins

You can then do a quick Pin Drop with minimal information or get stuck in and do a full pin edit. The information you can add to a pin varies depending on your subscription level.

Place your pin and add information

Placing a pin

  • Find somewhere: Search for a business name, town/city, address, zip code, lat/long, what3words etc to find a location.
  • Place pin: When you see the drop pin icon (dark pin with an X at it's base), drag the map to perfectly place your pin.
  • Save location: Tap the tick button at the bottom of the screen and you'll be able to add the data you want. The only required bit of data when dropping a pin is to add a name.

Add data to your pins

  • Name (required)
  • Tags
  • Description
  • Droplets
  • Media (photos and videos)
  • Pin specific settings
  • Checkin history (Pro only)
  • Notes and journal entries (Pro only)
  • Featured collections (Pro only)
  • Shared groups (Pro only)
  • Attach contacts (Pro only)
  • Tasks (Pro only)
  • Address (Pro only)
  • Website (Pro only)
  • Phone (Pro only)

Organise with tags

Organise your content using tags. Tags are a great way to group your pins together to make them easy to browse, share and just keep organised and discoverable.

Customise pin drop tags
Customise your tag (name, colour and icon)

Customise your tags

When you create a tag you can assign it a: name, colour and also a custom icon (if you want), to change the way the pins that use it are displayed on the map.

To change the colour of your tag you can tap and drag the colour wheel or enter a hex number value. Once you're happy with what you've chosen, just tap save.

Customise pin drop tag icons
Change the way your pins look on the map by adding an icon (you need to add the tag name first)

Customise tag icons

Once you've added the name of your tag you will see a new row appears between the name and colour. This will suggest some icons based on what you've called your tag. If none of those are what you'd like, tap the expand icon on the far right of the row and you'll be able to search through all the available icons.

Sharing is caring

You can't keep all those awesome places to yourself can you?! Sharing outside of Pin Drop is meant to be quick, simple and (hopefully) inspire others to enjoy your hidden gems.

Share your pins, tags, collections or profile on: Facebook, X, Instagram and more.

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Getting started with Pro

Creating your organisation

Setting up your organisation is never going to be the same for everyone. We are here to help you get setup on Pin Drop so don't panic. All you really need to decide is who to invite to join the organisation.

Inviting your team

Invite people from your team or company to join your organisation. Each person will have to pay a seat price to be a member of the org.

Star ratings

Add a star rating to your pins and add a little more context to a location. Not only will this show up on your pin list but also enhances the way you can filter your content.

Notes and journals

Your journal entries are also available in a separate app in the 'more' section. This is a really great way to do more when the description section doesn't have quite what you need.

Journal posts are a great way to mark a visit somewhere like a job site or customer. You can add a title, media and note to help record specific details to keep yourself and the rest of your org informed. Journal notes can also be attached to check-ins.